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    Hope so ! I've wanted to pose this question here for a while. I was reminded last year when I saw an advert for a Paul Winter concert, w/ Earth Music - and The Cathedral material. I've always thought Paul Winter's 'on to something'. Wish he'd write a book !

    Just curious whether anyone's seen more events of this kind . Again, just hope so....


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    Depends on the church and the local music culture, I suspect. For our local chamber music society, churches are the most frequently used venues--good acoustics, lots of seating. And the Folk Society has used two different churches for acts that might need more space than our usual small restaurant venue. In fact, we now have a monthly concert program at one of them.

    I don't recall seeing jazz in the churches--what little we have stays in the bars and restaurants and (sometimes) art galleries. But it's not much of a jazz town, and the same half-dozen players account for all of the activity.

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    Quite a lot of churches have music events here in the UK, it’s not unusual to see jazz gigs as well.

    In fact I went to one last night - the Brighton Jazz Mafia Big Band.

    Churches as Concert Venues....Are Those Events Increasing ?-20231027_191104-jpg

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    About jazz in churches/chapels, it was a long time ago but when at Concordia College near NYC I played in a jazz vespers combo. Thought that was a nice event.

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    Churches, especially old mainline churches, are have a hard time these days. It's becoming difficult to find enough income to keep them operating, so some are looking to other income sources. Renting out space to other church groups is one way, and renting out the venue for non-religious events is another. I know of one local church, in a prime location, that is considering selling the property and closing down. The attendance is down to a dozen or less, and they keep getting offers from a company which wants to put a tortilla factory there. Tortillas are necessary, too.

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    I've played many concerts in churches, recorded in them too, but I have to be honest and state that they are not always my favourite venues as both a performer and audience member. The acoustics can be over-generous, washing over definition when the resonance rings on too long. And quite often they are very cold. I recorded one album with fingerless gloves on, and my breath fogging-up the music stand. It was an album recording, and the record company brought in heaters, but they made clicking noises every now and again - not great when you are recording a solo instrument - so we had to do without them. And it was in the now famous Rosslin Chapel - scene of Dan Brown's awful novel - but in those days you could just walk in, while now you have to pay a new Visitor Centre a lot of money to get access. I remember the record-company executive being not too happy that she had to wander around outside, waving her arms to frighten off an owl that just wanted to jam along.
    No, I don't like churches for many reasons.

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    The nonconformist Union Chapel in Islington, North London is both an active church and a popular venue.

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    Here in Denmark the use of churches as concert venues has been quite common for many years, especially in the bigger towns and cities. It's mostly classic music, vocal music - and of course organ concerts. Jazz is not common though it does happen now and then. The cathedral in my town has a magnificent Marcussen organ with bass pipes which can make the floor tremble. I still look forward to hear Francis Poulenc's organ concert played on that organ and maybe with any luck it will happen one of these days.

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    I don't know if it's increasing but out here many churches have active concert schedules. My big band has played at most of the area's churches over the years, some on a repeating basis.

    Some larger:
    Churches as Concert Venues....Are Those Events Increasing ?-_dsc0346-jpg

    Some smaller:

    Not necessarily a new thing for me, photo from 1969:
    Churches as Concert Venues....Are Those Events Increasing ?-now-then-13a-jpg

    Danny W.
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