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    Quote Originally Posted by Litterick
    I would call that hat a fedora.
    As do I. That hat was new at that time, and I was a whole lot younger. I've also got a very nice Borsolino Fedora in nice medium brown withe a teardrop crown and a bound snap brim that is pretty groovy. I have a Dobbs in beaver felt that's light as a feather. It's hard to find vintage hats for my Big Giant Head, but as it shrinks, I'll have more hats to wear!*

    * Speaking of death, I'm to be, before cremation or whatever, displayed with Little Egypt*** (my favorite guitar, as heard on the recordings posted above) in my gold lame jacket, my best Gojira** t-shirt, black slacks, and my best black beret. Shades still to be determined (Likely chrome aviators).

    ** My Spirit Animal. ***To be recovered later and given to my grandson, if he'll have it. The other two are in the care of my son and my best and oldest friend. Why wait?
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    OK. After many hours of struggling with the mysteries of SoundCloud, I finally succeeded in posting the entire 2003 solo album, UTONIA, in almost the right order. If you happen to listen, tracks three and four are transposed. Otherwise everything is in the right order. Here's the deal on UTONIA:

    Wrote & recorded the songs: programed the drum and bass parts (except for some fills I had my then-ten-year-old grandson do).

    Played the guitar parts, doubling on the other channel to get a little stereo spread (by doubling, I mean as accurately as I could. Maybe 99 & 44/100%. The exception to this is the ride section of "The Blues Place," which is my ES-345 in stereo mode. The rest of the track is the ES-345 in mono (both pups) with the tracks doubled as normal.

    Did all the vocals, again doubled. Except for the choral sections, where I attempted a stereo spread.

    Now I didn't start out to make a solo album, that's just how it worked out. I hope you enjoy it.

    Also, I posted a bunch more of the Revelator's Pool Party material.

    I hope you like it.

    Oh, and click on the link of post 14 of this thread to hear the new stuff. Thanks!
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    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to listen to any of these tracks.

    I'm currently a bit frustrated with trying to get my solo album UTONIA posted properly; my latest afternoon resulted in the entire album being posted backwards - when you get my page up, the first is the last and the last is first, kind of undermining the many hours getting the sequence right. If you scroll down to "War Zone" and follow with "Waitin' for the Aliens" and so on up the list as it stands, you will hear UTONIA in the sequence it was meant to have. There's a lot of new live stuff, as well.

    Once again, thanks to one and all, especially you, Groyniad!

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    Okay. I finally got UTONIA. in the correct concept-album order, as a playlist on my soundcloud thingie, as reference in my sig. I hear thunder, gotta go.

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    UPDATE: new live Revalators material as a playlist on my SoundCloud thingamajig. I hope you enjoy it!

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    I like Crosscut Saw and Everything's Broken especially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litterick
    I like Crosscut Saw and Everything's Broken especially.
    Thank you very much, Litterick! Bruce* and Jimmy are just so much fun to play with! The key to trio playing is absolutely to have a copacetic group. The key to a live recording is to have a friendly audience. It's pretty hard to beat a July 4th family and friends barbecue party complete with swimming pool and a live band!

    * Not to mention that Bruce is a first-class vocalist whose talents have been criminally under-used in every other band I've been in with him!

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    I thought it might be appropriate to give a little background to the Revalators story. I was playing in what amounted to the house band at a local watering hole when one night the lead singer failed to show. He called in advance to say he would be late. LSS, he never showed, but kept calling (turned out, he was in the middle of a drug binge of some sort, and perhaps a bit of a power play).
    So it fell to the other GP and I to take up the slack, which we did. I ended up doing 85% of the songs, mostly rock, blues, and country I had done in other bands. Charlie just did what he already did and had to beg off when it turned out that four packs of Winstons a day were not a good idea for a singer. That planted the seed.

    Several times I got a call when a band had cancelled at the last minute and a venue needed and act. I would duly utilize my mental rolodex and put a band together for the evening. Ten phone calls usually did it as far as getting those who were available and up for a bit of a challenge. the guys would show up, I would hand them the song list I worked on all day, along with thumbnail charts indicating feels, tempos, progressions, and any special notations as needed. The shows would proceed as planned, the house was happy, the band got paid, and the audience had a good time without realizing this was all off the cuff. It worked well.

    As a working name I used "Big Tone and the Revalators" for business purposes. Then one night Bruce happened to be the BP and a young man who had been recommended by another BP was the drummer. Well, we were a major hit and by the end of the night (which was magical; one of those nights you dream about) the venue had signed us up for every open date they had for the rest of the year. Good gig.

    Again, LST, we went through a couple other drummers, before finally persuading Joltin' Jimmy to come on board, and that was that, the rest being history, as they say.

    I love Show Biz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizenk74
    What a word! I am now reading its history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litterick
    What a word! I am now reading its history.
    So... it's originally a jazz-adjacent term? Cool! I have heard people use it all my life. I thought maybe it was Italian. But then again, most of the people who said "copacetic" also said "Eye-talyun" so there you go.... The origins of the word do "remain murky."