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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobomov View Post
    The serious part:
    No .. I don't expect you to like it .. but I expect you to respect both the people that perform it and the ones that actually do like it.

    Many here shit on the musician's of today calling them clowns and what not. Lady Gaga is not a clown .. What she has done out of reach for for all but the select few that has that kind of skill and charisma ... But not here ... Here she looks like a clown as is just a sell out. Go figure?

    The semi-trolling part:
    I mean .. is jazz really that great? .. It's New Orleans whore house music mostly performed by junkies, isn't it?
    Why would you “expect” anyone to respect anyone or anything that you believe they should? People disagree on everything. That’s human nature. But so are dictatorial instincts.


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    Lady Gaga is extremely talented musically and vocally. But that's not what makes her a Star! Entertainment Sells it Big Time, And always has!