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    Paul Desmond and Jim Hall, Glad to Be Unhappy.

    Another I love: Festa by Viva Brasil.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Some of my favorites have already been mentioned (Kind of Blue, Charlie Christian with Benny Goodman etc...)
    Why not Ellington at Newport ? (great Paul Gonsalves !)

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    Porgy and Bess , Miles and Gill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betz

    Bill Evans and Jim Hall

    Best album and best album cover . . .

    Your Number 1 Favorite Jazz Album-edbd0efc-0549-48aa-a708-3383ec53993a-jpg

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    Setting aside "Kind of Blue," (in the same spirit that there's two kinds of food: Chocolate and everything else. Or two kinds of music: Beatles and all other music...)

    So, I'll go with: "Standards" by Bereli Lagrene. (Followed closely by David Grisman Quintet eponymous debut, and Stephane Grappelli "At the Winery" feature Martin Taylor.)

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    Sunday at the Village Vanguard.

    Both the Köln Concert and Concert by the Sea could have been contenders, if only they had featured better pianos.

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    Sonny Rollins, The Bridge
    Cannonball Adderly, Somethin' Else

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    Kind of Blue. It has it all. Conceived in 1958 recorded in 1959. It’s brought millions to discover jazz. But most importantly the album is Timeless. It may well have been recorded today. The timelessness of the album makes it the greatest album ever recorded. And to think, that was achieved in 1959. 60 years, and still going strong. Unreal.

    My Favorite Things would be my second. It too has been listened to and purchased by millions. It to has staying power.

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    I'm defecting. Live at the Village Vanguard is probably the album that I have listened to more than any other. I should pick it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolvinny
    You have to choose one. If you choose two, eventually somebody will choose three... and on it will go. One album, you have to's the only one you can listen to the rest of your life...what is it?
    Fair point. OK. It'll have to be Kind Of Blue.

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    "Meet the Jazztet" seems to get better the more I listen to it, and I've been listening to it for about 30 years.

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    Picking only one is far too limiting, but if it’s only one it’s Kind Of Blue, of course!

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    I’m not really a jazz aficionado, but it would either be kind of blue or ted greene’s solo guitar. I can listen to both these albums endlessly.

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    My ESP / Kind of Blue listening ratio is well into double digits

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    Changes like the weather, but one that never seems to leave my top 10 is Frisell/Motian/Lovano's "I have the room above her."

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    I guess my favourite (jazz)album is Imaginary Day by the Pat Metheny group. It's a monumental piece of art.

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    It would have to be “Seven Steps to Heaven” with Miles Davis. Six tunes split between two great sets of players, with all the fire, mysterious imagination, and cogency you could want.

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    Tough choice since there are so many Wes and KB albums I love, but I guess I'd have to go with this one:

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    Monk plays Duke.

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    A Love Supreme.


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    Larry Young’s Unity

    Elvin Jones
    Joe Henderson
    Woody Shaw

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    Weather Report - Heavy Weather

    Favorite tune on that record - A Remark You Made

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    Interstellar Space

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    You're gonna make me listen to just one album, for all time?

    I'm not impressed, but ok, I'll have Biréli Lagrenè and Sylvain Luc - Summertime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon1234
    You're gonna make me listen to just one album, for all time?

    I'm not impressed, but ok, I'll have Biréli Lagrenè and Sylvain Luc - Summertime.
    Interstellar Space? Oh hell yeah! There’s en endless amount of material to explore. I really like Nels Cline’s take on the album too. Completely different, but entirely captivating.

    Heading to the office, but I’m gonna give Summertime a listen.