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    I would appreciate some help figuring out some of the chords for this song. Its possible that I figured out the notes of the chords in the "complicated" part but I am not sure how to write them so I wrote the nearest chord I can think of.

    There are few rounds of E G A
    and then it goes to
    C#m7b5 D9sus4 C6sus2 Asus4add9 Bsus4add9
    E G A
    E G A
    Hsus4add9 Asus4 Gsus4add9 Asus4add9

    I am not sure if I really hear the 4th but I think I hear 9th, 1st and 5th. What are these chords? I could imagine that C#m7b5 is functionally A9 but that's all I can squeeze .

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    I think this one is OK...

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    I believe that it works but I am certain that its not accurate. To illustrate, I would say that the first chord in the above transcription (C#7#9) is not what Sco plays. In the version of the song that I posted, you can clearly hear the G note on high E string in that chord.

    Hear that chord in J.S. J.M. version (time 0:33):
    And hear it in the above transcription (time 0:29):

    I don't hear F note in that chord either (maj 3 from C#) so I wouldn't go to C#7#9. Each of the chords in transcription conflicts with my ears in a similar way. 2nd chord is not Dm9. Maybe its D G C E in that chord.

    I am very interested in deciphering concept behind this.

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    it is like this:
    C#m7b5 C/D I C6sus2 A7sus4 B7sus4
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    I think this guy got it right:

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    I like this version;

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    thanks you for posting this Scofield take on Charles, I love it.