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    Here's one way to work on the first part of Tim Lerch's lessons. It's a 2-5-1backing track in the key of C by Quist. You can use it to noodle with some of Tim's changes and ideas. Start at 33 seconds and set the speed to 150% and it works pretty well.

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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Just a heads up that this months tune on Matt Warnocks FB group Play Jazz Guitar is a jazz blues in G.

    It's a great tie in with the jazz blues in Tim's course so that's what I'll be focusing on for this month (while still working on the ii-V-I's).

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    I'm late to the party but I'll be working on this course during the lockdown.

    When I ordered the course, I wasn't sure when I would have the time to commit to this kind of seems like a deep dive. But now that I find myself solo (musically) and in need of a pathway, it seems like the perfect time.

    I'll try to post progress as I go along...I need some accountability and posting progress seems like the best I can do at the moment.

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    Haven't seen this posted ?

    TrueFire Live: Tim Lerch & John Knowles

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    This stuff is tough. I'm going slow and trying to smooth out the first single-note over ii-V-I idea.

    Even though this is very solo-specific, it seems like it will help other aspects of my playing as well. It requires some technique, fretboard knowledge, and playing-of-changes in the process...that stuff has to seep into other parts of your playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dot75
    Haven't seen this posted ?

    TrueFire Live: Tim Lerch & John Knowles
    This kind of thing is priceless to me. A/V issues notwithstanding, the implied knowledge
    in the demos is a goldmine of information on fingerstyle guitar playing. I saw only through
    the chat about "Do You Know What It Means". I love John's playing and have been
    a long-time Chet-style devotee. Fingerstyle Quartely, for those who don't know, is a
    valuable resource for that style. When Tim picks up the tune (using closed-position
    chords) my heart melts at the harmonies and I am so grateful for the ability to play
    a polyphonic instrument. Thanking the lord for my fingers, as Paul Simon wrote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morroben
    This stuff is tough. I'm going slow and trying to smooth out the first single-note over ii-V-I id
    Good approach, IMO. Build muscle memory.

    I'm a little further along in the course and I'm happy to say that I am beginning to
    see Mr. Lerch repeating himself. Or, more likely, I recognize by sight and sound that
    he is using grips introduced earlier.

    P.S. I first heard "grips" used by Don Stiernberg... maybe he got it from Jethro. Meaning
    two-three note shapes on the mandolin. Only four strings, so you really have to choose your
    chord tones carefully. I like it!

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    Just started the course. Fantastic, challenging but Tim is a great teacher.

    Many thanks Tim, cheers, Simon

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    Hey guys,
    True Fire has just released two new things that you might find interesting and helpful. The first is the live show I did after I shot Solo Jazz Pathways Chordal Improv. Its been up on YT since we did it but the new thing has all of the things I played transcribed so you can get some insights into my playing.
    The other new thing is a brand new course called Solo Jazz Pathways Harmonic Enhancement. Its an exploration of Enhanced harmony and re harmonization. I think it is a great companion to Chordal Improv.
    You can visit here to preview and order.
    Tim Lerch TrueFire | Tim Lerch

    thank you for your continued supoort
    all the best

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    Well after a long break I'm starting back up on this course.

    I'm starting right back at the beginning with the aim of applying the concepts to the changes of a tune.

    A bit of support would be welcome to feel free to post your progress (and progressions