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    My arrangement of the Beatles’ “When I’m 64”. I’m using a basic Travis picking pattern in the right hand, and the solo section is mostly arpeggio based with some neighbor-note stuff and bebop style lines. The guitar is a Collings OM1 (the Baggs pickup is not plugged in).


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    Very nice!Having turned 64 last week, I particularly enjoyed listening to this.In the film Yesterday, reference to When I am 64 is the first clue that something is wrong with The Beatles.
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    That is an absolutely stellar arrangement, and the playing is flawless. Perfect arrangement and tune selection for a Collings with its clarity.

    My suggestion is that you also share it with the folks over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum (AGF):

    Show and Tell - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

    The link should take you directly to the "Show and Tell" sub-forum where folks put their performance videos. This is too good to not share widely.


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    Damn that's nice! I'd pay to see that. How come the guys in behind didn't give you a standing O at the end?

    And, I don't see a mic so how did you record that since you say the pickup is not plugged in?