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Thread: Archtop kit

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    Archtop kit-img_1051-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticpigeon View Post
    Archtop kit-img_1051-jpg
    Really nice! How do you get paint off the binding? Just curious.

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    Seriously nice burst. How did you do it? Did you tint your finish or spray just the dye over a seal coat? Airbrush or detail gun? What dyes did you use? What is the clear coat, nitro?

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    I scraped the paint off the binding with a scraping tool I made myself. It is a sort of thick bladed knife that tapers with a square end. I'll put up a picture. Thanks for the compliment rlrhett. I decided to spray a clearcoat first as I had made repairs and didn't want to accentuate them with stain. I used tinted 1k smart repair car lacquer as a base for the tints. I have used nitro but it is harder to get hold of. I used liquid light fast stain to tint the lacquer. I only have a few colours so had to mix them up to get the colours I wanted which were a golden yellow, black and a red brown. The spray gun I used is a touch up gun for small repairs on cars. It seems a good size for guitars!

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