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10 eBooks (printable pdfs) + online | tabs, notation, audio & backing tracks | Instant delivery by email Works on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Apple, Linux, and Android.

Volume 2 of the Premium Lessons continues in the same style as
Volume 1: 10 lessons that are fun & effective. The topics are the result of the survey done during Volume 1.

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What will you learn?

  • You'll learn everything you need to become the jazz guitar player you want to be: theory, chords, chord inversions, scales, phrasing, styles, licks, tricks, ...
  • How to improvise: I'll give you the tools and knowledge you need so you can improvise over any chord progression with ease and play in a jazzy, bluesy style.
  • How to play jazz chords & rhythms and how to add variety to them.
  • You'll learn how to play classic jazz songs like All The Things You Are, Autumn Leaves, All Blues, Stella by Starlight, Take The A Train, ... but also songs in other styles, like Night in Tunesia and Girl From Ipanema.
  • You'll learn how to play like Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Jim Hall & many more. You'll discover how they think, what defines their style and how you can play like them.

The Topics of Volume 2

  • Issue 11 - George Benson Soloing Techniques: learn how to improvise in the style of the amazing jazz guitarist George Benson. You'll learn blues techniques (double stops, the blues scale, minorization, ....), creative use of arpeggios, the 9 sound, chromatic playing, bebop patterns, octave displacement and much more...
  • Issue 12 - Autumn Leaves: in this lesson you'll learn how to play a chord melody version of Autumn Leaves, comping over the changes, a walking bass line, an improvisation study and some great examples of classic licks.
  • Issue 13 - There Will Never Be Another You: to help you get this great and fun to play standard under your fingers, this lesson will introduce you to a harmonized arrangement of the theme and takes you through a voice leading study, a scale study and an arpeggio study.
  • Issue 14 - Joe Pass: to help you dig into Joe’s soloing concepts, from both single-note and chord soloing angles, we have broken down six classic Joe Pass licks for you to study and apply to your own solos. There's aslo a Joe Pass styled solo over Autumn Leaves that you can learn in order to see how these licks can be applied to a soloing situation over a jazz standard.
  • Issue 15 - Kenny Burrell: there are few players that have had a longer and more influential career than the great jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. Burrell has inspired countless guitarists to make the switch from blues and rock to jazz with his own unique style of blues and bebop inspired playing. When studying Burrell’s soloing concepts there are a number of important areas that you can explore, and two of the most characteristic of his playing will be covered in this lesson, blues lines and short major key ii V Is.
  • Issue 16 - Bossa Nova Comping: learn how to authentically comp Bossa Nova and Samba patterns on your guitar. In this lesson, you will learn how to break down these rhythms in order to make complicated patterns easier to learn, as well as apply all of these rhythmic patterns to a common chord progression.
  • Issue 17 - Stella by Starlight: When you hear the words chord melody, you often think of very complex arrangements where you have one chord for every note in the melody line. While you can use this approach to build chord melodies in, there are other options when combining chords and melodies on the fretboard. In this lesson you will learn how to play 3rds and 7ths, how to build a chord melody, and how to play a chord melody for the jazz standard Stella by Starlight.
  • Issue 18 - Wes Montgomery Jazz Waltzes: As most of us start studying the 4/4 time signature when first exploring jazz guitar, the 3/4 jazz waltz feel can sometimes feel a bit awkward or be intimidating to study. One of the best players to study in order to build confidence and vocabulary over when soloing over a jazz waltz is Wes Montgomery. In this lesson you will study a number of single note, octave and chord licks in the style of Wes Montgomery, as well as learn a sample solo written over the chord changes to the Wes classic “West Coast Blues.”
  • Issue 19 - Girl From Ipanema Solo: In this solo study you will learn many classic jazz soloing concepts applied to one of the most commonly played Jazz Standards. Concepts covered are 3 to 9 Arpeggios, Bebop Voice Leading, Syncopation, Blues Notes and more.
  • Issue 20 - Misty Chord Melody: One of the most loved jazz standards, Misty is also one of the first ballads that many jazz guitarists learn. As it is such a popular tune, learning how this song was written from a melodic and harmonic standpoint, getting a chord melody arrangement under your fingers, as well as exploring common soloing vocabulary over this tune is essential learning for any jazz guitarist.

Who are these lessons for?

  • Anyone who's interested in jazz guitar playing.
  • Beginners who need a firm grip of the basics. It doesn't matter if you can read notes or not because all material has audio examples and is written in guitar tabs as well as traditional note script.
  • Medium players that want to expand their skills and learn new tricks.
  • Advanced players who need fresh ideas.

Please, don't subscribe if:

  • You just started playing guitar and you are still learning chords like C and Am. These lessons will be too hard for you...
  • You expect a magic solution that makes you a killer jazz guitar player without practicing. Such thing doesn't exist, you will need to practice, but my lessons will make the process easier and faster for you. I guarantee that if you follow my lessons and practice regularly, you will become a great player.

What do you get?

For the low price of $29.99 you get:

  • 10 online jazz guitar lessons with audio and backing tracks (instant delivery by email).
  • 10 Printer-friendly pdfs (+ downloadable audio and backing tracks).
  • You can ask questions and get answers in the comment section.
  • You have a say in what future lessons are about.
  • No questions asked, 30-day 100% money back guarantee!

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Comments (9)

5/5 (9)
ezequiel silva

Very helpful. I have been polishing up my jazz guitar skills guided by both books.

faris al

Great, easy to understand lessons and most importantly affordable. Can't wait for more. Keep up the good work. What I would like to see in future lessons, is in-style of Jonhnny Smith.

Michael Morenga

Top for learning, refreshing, extending :-)


The books contain a lot of information. They do provide a nice way of viewing/hearing the tunes or whatever the lesson is - whole tune, intro, melody, solo. The format and structure of the pdfs is sometimes difficult as I have to click and download/save so many different links. It would be nice to have zip file with everything - mp3, notation, etc.

James Tomasello

There's enough here to keep one busy for several seasons. I'm hoping there will be a Volume 3 someday. Clear, concise and inspiring tutelage worth every cent.

Toni from Spain

Excellent!! A real passport to jazz. More, please.
(sugg.all tracks in audio.zip, like Burrell/Pass)


These are very well thought out. The fret board diagrams are laid out horizontally just like the real thing. The only problem for me is the lay out is for right had guitars, which is very confusing you loose a lot of time.

Marjo Deutsch

Very much recommended!!


Good jazz lesson with licks of jazz improvisation, improvisation with chords
and improvisation in the George Benson style.

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