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eBook (printable) | 141 pages | tabs, notation & audio | Instant delivery by email
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I think you’ll agree that the pentatonic scale is one of the most important scales that any guitarist can learn. Pentatonic scales are used to learn the fretboard, build chops, and create solos over countless progressions.

While you know how important this scale is, you might not be using it to its full potential in your playing.

Because pentatonics are easy to play, many guitarists learn them, but move on too quickly because hey think that they need more complex scales to expand their playing.

With the right approach to learning pentatonic scales, you can use these easy-to-play shapes to create endless sounds in your solos.

This opens up the fretboard, greatly expands your soloing vocabulary, and you don’t have to learn anything beyond basic pentatonic shapes.

That’s what I call a no-lose situation in the practice room.

Don’t miss your chance to master the fretboard, elevate your soloing chops, and have fun in the practice room at the same time.

Grab your copy of Power Pentatonics and master pentatonic scales the fun and easy way.

Download a sample from Power Pentatonics

What you will learn in Power Pentatonics

  • Classic box patterns
  • Shifting fingerings
  • 3-Octave fingerings
  • How to solo with minor pentatonic scales
  • How to solo with major pentatonic scales
  • Traditional diatonic patterns
  • Modern diatonic patterns
  • Traditional chromatic patterns
  • Modern chromatic patterns
  • Repeating patterns
  • Essential pentatonic vocabulary and licks
  • Major blues soloing exercises
  • Minor blues soloing exercises
  • Full major and minor blues solos
  • Modal pentatonic scales
  • Pentatonic pairs for soloing
  • And more…


What You Get With Power Pentatonics:

  • Printable PDF (141 pages)
  • Mp3 audio examples to loop or slow down.
  • Mp3 backing tracks for efficient practicing.
  • Examples in TAB, neck diagrams, and notation.
  • And more...


Why wait another minute to take you technique and soloing chops to the next level?

These patterns, exercises, and concepts give you everything you need to level up your playing and have fun in the woodshed.

Don’t waste another minute in your practice routine, grab your copy of Power Pentatonics and reach your full musical potential today!

Add to Cart Price: $19.99



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