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Jazz Standard Study Guides Volume 5


Jazz Standard Study Guides Volume 5
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5 eBooks (printable) | 362 pages | tabs, notation & audio | Instant delivery by email
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The most effective, and fun, way to learn jazz guitar is to study standards. Jazz standards focus your efforts in the practice room, teach you real time application of techniques, and give you repertoire to jam with other musicians.

But, what’s the best way to learn jazz tunes in the woodshed?

The answers are found in this jazz standard study guide package.


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The Jazz Standard Study Guide package includes 5 eBooks, each focusing on the following standards:

  • Bright Size Life
  • Watermelon Man
  • West Coast Blues
  • Night and Day
  • Girl From Ipanema


Download a sample PDF from The Jazz Standard Study Guides


Each book analyzes the chords, form, keys, and teaches you to play the chords and solo over these classic standards with confidence.

There are scales, patterns, and arpeggios, as well as licks, soloing and comping studies in each of the eBooks. Everything you need to play these jazz standards with confidence.

If you’re struggling with jazz guitar, or don’t know where to start when learning jazz standards, this package is just what you need to give a boost to your playing.

Note: to avoid copyright issues, the melody is not included in these eBooks.

What You Get With Each Study Guide:

  • Printable PDF
  • Mp3 audio files
  • Duo and trio backing tracks
  • Comping studies
  • Soloing studies
  • Essential licks
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Scale, arpeggio & chord shapes
  • Essential rhythms
  • Transcription exercises
  • And More!

What You Learn With Each Study Guide:

  • Breakdown of the keys and chord progression, so that you understand each standard from a theoretical point of view.
  • Improvisational vocabulary and concepts that give you a starting point for your solos.
  • Scale shapes and scale soloing guide.
  • Arpeggio shapes and exercises.
  • Voice leading patterns that give your solos a sense of direction, making them more interesting to listen to.
  • Chord inversions, colors, and voice leading that bring variety to your comping.
  • And much more…


If you’re learning scales, arpeggios, and chords, but don’t know how to apply them to songs.

Or, you get asked to jam with people, play a song for friends and family, but don’t have a standard you can get through from start to finish.

Or, you know a few tunes but need to expand your repertoire, or get a fuller understanding of how to learn any jazz standard.

Then, these 5 eBooks are for you.


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