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The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords
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eBook (printable) | 60 pages | tabs, notation & audio | Instant delivery by email
Works on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, Apple, Linux, and Android.

Those of you that have played the guitar for an amount of time, will agree that learning the notes on the guitar neck is an essential skill to have for any serious guitarist.

There’s nothing more annoying than searching and not finding the root note to any chord, scale, or arpeggio.

As well, playing a riff, lick, or solo, but having no idea what notes you’re using, also causes big frustration in the practice room.

Then, when you decide to learn the fretboard, the exercises are boring and just as frustrating.


Learning the fretboard doesn’t have to be boring or annoying. In fact, it can be an enjoyable, creative, and educational experience.


The exercises, concepts, and material in Fretboard Mastery give you this type of learning experience. This eBook shows you how to master the notes on fretboard with fun and highly beneficial exercises.

Why waste time or deal with frustration when learning the fretboard?

Instead, check out this eBook and set yourself on a fast and fun pathway to learning every note on the guitar.

Download a sample PDF from Fretboard Mastery

What will you learn?

  • All the white notes of the piano on guitar.
  • All the black notes of the piano on guitar.
  • Key signatures and methods to find keys quickly.
  • Every note on the guitar with #’s and b’s.
  • Scales on one string.
  • Arpeggios on one string.
  • How to use soloing to learn the notes on guitar.
  • Interval recognition in multiple positions.
  • Keys in positions.
  • And much more…

What You Get With Fretboard Mastery:

  • 60-page printable PDF.
  • Mp3 audio files that you can loop or slow down.
  • Musical examples in fretboard diagrams, TAB, and notation.
  • Easy to understand theory.
  • Fun exercises to learn every note on the fretboard.
  • Blank TAB paper and fretboard diagrams to keep notes.
  • And much more!


Learning the fretboard is an essential skill; you already know that.

Learning the fretboard can be frustrating; you’ve been there.

But, learning this essential skill doesn’t have to be stressful or boring. Instead, the material in Fretboard Mastery is the exact opposite.

Why wait to have fun in the practice room learning the fretboard? Check out this eBook and start your journey to fretboard mastery today:

Add to Cart Price: $9.99



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Comments (4)

5/5 (4)

Matt's approach is innovative, refreshing and focussed on guitar players. I've not worked through the whole book yet but I have looked through it - I believe it will help me and others who wish to improve their knowledge and playing of jazz guitar; actually I think it must work with many guitar styles. It fits in very well with the other eBooks I have purchased from Matt and Dirk's Jazz Guitar site. I am also pleased to make such a purchase because of the amount of free teaching and encouragement I receive from being a member of JazzGuitar Online (membership is free). If one is serious about moving forward with the study of jazz guitar this book should prove to be a significant help.

Raj Natarajan

There are a ton of information in this book presented in the most simplistic fashion! The important one for me is the lessons on key signatures. Recognizing these and associating those to find them in fretboard. And then goes on introducing the arpeggios for each key signature of the common jazz chords and how to play them. And there is a lot more than what I have described as I haven't read the rest yet. This will take me weeks if not months to master and I am looking forward to it. Overall it the most comprehensive materials covered in this book and one of the most important books in my collection and worth every penny! Absolutely great work! Truly appreciate this book in every sense!!! Don't hesitate to buy it.


Il metodo è utile con un approccio un po' diverso dai soliti.

Gary Otteson

Great and inexpensive impetus to do what you should have done long ago. Excellent and well-ordered.

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