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Anatomy of a Lick - Essential Jazz Guitar Lines

The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar 3 eBook Bundle

6 PDF eBooks (printable) | 250 pages in total | tabs, notation, audio & backing tracks | Instant delivery by email | Works on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Apple, Linux, and Android | Download a sample from Essential Jazz Guitar Lines

One of the most important aspects of a successful practice routine is studying classic jazz lines and phrases.While learning licks will get those lines under your fingers, many books fall flat but stopping there with their explanation of jazz phrases.

To get the most out of your jazz vocabulary study, you need to understand not only what notes are being played, but why they sound the way they do. This allows you to get into the minds of legendary jazz improvisers, as well as build your own great-sounding lines in real time.

The Essential Jazz Lines book series teaches you just that, classic licks and every concept used to build those lines on the guitar.


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What will you learn with the Essential Lines eBooks?

  • Jazz lines in the style of legendary guitarists: Joe Pass,Wes Montgomery, Barney
    Kessel, Pat Martino, George Benson & Pat Metheny.
  • Musical concepts broken down from each line, so you understand how to make
    your own lines.
  • How to effectively practice each lick and get the most out of your time.
  • How to learn each concept taken from these phrases.
  • A solo that uses the concepts from each line.
  • And much more…

What you get with the Essential Lines eBooks:

  • 6 eBooks in PDF format (250 pages in total).
  • All material presented in tab, notation, and audio.
  • Backing tracks for easy and engaging study.
  • Easy to follow theory for each concept.
  • Practice guides on how to learn and apply each lick.
  • More than enough material to keep you practicing for months.


Here's an overview of each eBook:

Volume 1 - Joe Pass Blues


Volume 1 - Joe Pass Blues

Concepts Covered in This eBook:

  • Diatonic 3rds
  • Diatonic Triad Inversions
  • Mixed Blues and Mixolydian Scales
  • Dominant Bebop Scale
  • 1235 Patterns
  • Joe Pass Jazz Blues Solo





Volume 2 - Wes Montgomery ii V I


Volume 2 - Wes Montgomery II V I

Concepts Covered in This eBook:

  • Approach Notes
  • Descending 3rds
  • Double Time Dorian Modes
  • Mixed Blues and Major Scales
  • Dominant and Major Bebop Scales
  • Secondary Dominant Subs
  • Bebop Diversion
  • Voice Leading
  • Blue Bossa Solo



Volume 3 - Barney Kessel Bebop


Volume 3 - Barney Kessel Bebop

Concepts Covered in This eBook:

  • 3 to 9 Arpeggios
  • Scale Patterns
  • Honeysuckle Rose Lick
  • V7#5 Colors
  • Guide Tones
  • Arpeggio Color Tones
  • Take the A Train Solo




Volume 4 – Pat Martino Minor ii V i


Volume 4 - Pat Martino Minor ii V i

Concepts Covered in This eBook:

  • Locrian Mode
  • V7alt over iim7b5 Sub
  • 3 to 9 Arpeggios
  • Altered Scale
  • Augmented Triads
  • Melodic Minor Scale
  • Dorian Scale
  • Mixed Minor Scale
  • Minor Blues Solo



Volume 5 – George Benson Modal


Volume 5 - George Benson Modal

Concepts Covered in This eBook:

  • Chromatic Arpeggios
  • Rhythmic Motives
  • Minor Bebop Scale
  • Enclosures
  • Arpeggio Patterns
  • Double Time Rhythm
  • So What Benson Solo




Volume 6 – Pat Metheny Outside


Volume 6 - Pat Metheny Outside

Concepts Covered in This eBook:

  • Side Stepping
  • Blues Notes
  • Passing Tones
  • Descending 3rds
  • Lydian Mode
  • Melodic Minor Scale
  • Diminished Scale
  • Autumn Leaves Metheny Solo




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Add to Cart                       Price: $35         (regular price: $59.99)



Comments (3)

5/5 (4)
Bill Chalmers

I have purchased all six of these books (anatomy of a lick). They contain excellent material. I eagerly await the next volume becoming available.

Many thanks to Matt for his work in putting these together.

Antonello X

Great, I purchased and downloaded ebook few minutes ago. I have many Matt’s ebook. They all helped a me lot to understand and play this beautiful and difficult music called Jazz. And my number one is Wes! (very good also the ebook about wes’style and books about jazz blues, I have all two!). Greetings from Italy!

Mike Ranfft

This is a great well written study on a Joe Pass lick. What I really like is that Matt explains and gets you practicing all the elements of it, so here you are working through triads, blues scales, scale patterns, enclosures etc. And really in-depth, so that you can fully integrate this to expand your own playing. If you’re like me and want to practice different elements of jazz in an accessible and organic way this really works!

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