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Easy II V I Vocabulary


Easy II V I Vocabulary eBook
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I think you’ll agree that the most important chord progressions to study when learning jazz are the major and minor ii V I.These three chords are found in all keys, in many variations, and in just about every jazz standard.

While these chords are the most popular in jazz, they often give beginner and intermediate players trouble in their solos.

Because 251 progressions occur so often in jazz, it's hard to keep things interesting and bring the same variety to your solos like your favorite jazz guitarists do...

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You can run scales and arpeggios over ii V Is, but you don’t sound like jazz, you sound like technical exercises?
  • You have trouble recognizing ii V Is in a chord chart when jamming or practicing jazz tunes.
  • You have one or two go-to licks that you always use over ii V Is, and even then you don’t feel confident with those phrases.
  • You hear great players nailing awesome lines over ii V Is but have no idea how they built those cool licks.


If any of these sound familiar, or you’re ready to boost your jazz guitar vocabulary, then this eBook is for you. Whether you’re starting your jazz journey or are an experienced player stuck in a rut, this eBook is for you.

Not only do you learn vocabulary that directly outlines ii V Is, you apply everything you learn to jazz standards. This is where real growth happens, applying vocabulary to tunes so you can solo with confidence at your next jam session or gig.

This material starts from day 1, and before you know it, you’re running ii V subs and playing cool-sounding jazz lines in your solos.

All of a sudden the scales and arpeggios you know come to life and sound like jazz, not like technique exercises.

Most importantly, these exercises are engaging, making learning jazz vocabulary fun again.


Download a sample PDF from Easy II V I Vocabulary


What You Learn With Easy ii V I Vocabulary:

  • All guitar scales needed to play over ii V I progressions: the major bebop scale, the dominant bebop scale, diatonic pentatonic scales, the altered scale, the Lydian dominant scale, melodic minor scale, Lydian mode, Phrygian dominant scale, natural minor scale, and the blues scales.
  • All arpeggios you need for ii V I progressions + arpeggio inversions, arpeggio pairs, and 3 to 9 arpeggios.
  • Famous jazz patterns such as half-diminished patterns, half-step patterns, the 53213 pattern, and Giant Steps patterns.
  • Substitutions that bring variety and new ideas into your playing, such as the tritone substitution, the bVImaj7 substitution, and Vmaj7 over maj7 chords.
  • Guitar techniques that create interest, such as double stops, octave displacement, pedal tones, and trills.
  • Note choices that make your solos sound like jazz, such as altered notes, chromatic thirds, passing tones, lower neighbor tones, approach notes, and enclosures.
  • Typical jazz phrases, such as the Honeysuckle phrase and turn phrases.
  • Diatonic triads & patterns
  • b7 to 3 voice leading.
  • Chord shape soloing.
  • And More!


Jazz Legends Covered in This eBook:

  • Charlie Parker
  • Sonny Rollins
  • John Coltrane
  • Wynton Kelly
  • McCoy Tyner
  • Miles Davis
  • Freddie Hubbard
  • Wes Montgomery
  • Joe Pass
  • Pat Martino
  • Mike Stern
  • Hank Mobley
  • Pat Metheny


Chord Progressions Covered in This eBook:

  • Short minor ii V
  • Long minor ii V
  • Short minor ii V I
  • Long minor ii V I
  • Short minor ii V I bIII
  • Long minor ii V I bIII
  • Short major ii V
  • Long major ii V
  • Short major ii V I
  • Long major ii V I
  • Short major ii V I IV
  • Long major ii V I IV
  • Short major ii V I VI
  • Long major ii V I VI


What You Get With Easy ii V I Vocabulary:

  • Printable PDF (234 pages)
  • 188 mp3 audio examples
  • 103 backing tracks
  • Guitar tabs, standard notation, and fretboard diagrams
  • Full solo examples
  • And much more!


This essential vocabulary makes learning jazz guitar fun, rewarding, and is immediately usable in your practice room, on jam sessions, and on gigs.

Don’t waste another minute in your practice room, grab your copy of Easy ii V I Vocabulary and reach your full musical potential today!

Add to Cart Price: $24.99



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Comments (3)

5/5 (3)

I have read many books about how to play jazz guitar. Most of them were good textbooks, except that the authors described how they played the guitar, but did not teach that how others should play. When I discovered Matt’s website and his books, a lot of things suddenly opened up to me in a completely different light. His books and articles are clear, concrete and useful. They are easy to learn, they successfully combine theory and practice. I wish all subscribers good luck in their jazz life, wellbeing and health, and Matt – even more grateful students.


Matt, awesome book ! In five minutes after reading the sample, PDF i ordered it !

Though i basically know of the topics covered (well, it doesn’t hurt to go back to basics) it is a life saver for TEACHING.

There is a way you have to explain things that make me think that you are a great teacher.

So it is recommended for teachers too. Teaching jazz is a steeper slope than teaching blues, pop, rock , etc …

Knowing and put in practice concepts is a thing, knowing how to explain them well is another.

I always keep on going back to mattwarnockguitar ! Free lessons are awesome too !

Thanks a lot !

Cheers from Okinawa


Awesome book, your best yet! I’ve always been weak on patterns. Just the resource I need to to turn that around.

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