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Mike Stern Guitar Rig

Mike Stern's Guitar Gear This page is about the guitars, amps, effects and other guitar equipment that Mike Stern uses.


Custom Made by Michael Aronson

Mike Stern plays a guitar that is custom made by a friend of him from Boston, Michael Aronson.

The guitar has a Tele-style body with an original '50s Fender Broadcaster neck. In neck position there is a Seymour Duncan Humbucker pickup and there's a Bill Lawrence single coil in the bridge.

Mike Stern uses Fender nicklewound guitar strings going from .011 to .038.

This guitar replaced an original '50s Fender Telecaster which was stolen from him in an armed robbery.

Mike Stern's Guitar

Pacifica 1511MS signature guitar

Mike Stern's signature guitar is made by Yamaha and is a copy of Mike's custom made guitar.

It's got a Seymour Duncan '59 pickup in neck position and a Tele Hot Rail at the bridge.

Yamaha Pacifica Mike Stern signature model

Guitar Amps

Yamaha G-100 Guitar Amp

This 100 watt Yamaha amplifier has 2 EV 12 inch speakers.

They are out of production.

Yamah G100 guitar amp

Other Guitar Amps

  • Pierce GR-1 with a Hartke cabinet and JBL 10 inch speakers.



Guitar Effects

Yamaha SPX-90

Mike Stern has this old Yamaha effects rack for the harmonizer patch only. He uses it to create chorus and splits the sound between two amps.


Yamaha SPX90 guitar effects unit

Boss Digital Delay DD-6 and DD-3

Mike Stern has 2 of these digital delays. He uses them for ambience instead of a reverb.

More information about Boss DD-6...

Boss Digital Delay

Boss Distortion DS-1

An old school transistor type distortion with a wide range of sound possibilities.

Boss Distortion

Other Guitar Effects

  • Boss OC-2 Octaver pedal

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