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In this part of the website you'll learn:

  • How your favorite jazz guitar player gets his unique sound (besides ears and fingers). Discover what kind of guitar amplifiers, strings, picks and effects the jazz greats use.
  • How do you get a jazz guitar tone? What kind of guitar, amp, strings and accessories you need to get a jazz sound.
  • Working on your guitar: changing strings, adjusting the bridge, etc.

How to Get a Jazz Guitar Tone

Jazz Guitars

Jazz Guitars

What makes a good jazz guitar and what are the things to look out for when buying a jazz guitar? In this article we have a closer look at 13 classic jazz guitars. Click here to continue...



Popular jazz guitars

Popular Jazz Guitars

After getting feedback from over 5000 jazz guitarists, we’ve put together this handy infographic that you can refer to the next time you are wondering what other jazz cats are playing, or are looking for a new guitar to add to your collection. Click here to continue



Guitar Amps

Jazz Guitar Amps

Find out what guitar amps are suitable to plug a jazz guitar into. An overview with pros and cons of the most popular amps used in jazz + a list of things to think about before buying a guitar amp. Click here to continue



Guitar Amps

Popular Jazz Guitar Amps

One of the most important aspects of developing a solid tone, is finding the right amp for you and your musical tastes. To help you find that perfect amp we’ve asked the jazzguitar.be readership to let us know what amp they prefer when playing in a jazz guitar context. Click here to continue



Guitar Amps

Jazz Guitar Strings

What are the best strings for jazz guitar? Find out which brands of jazz guitar strings are the most popular and how they help to get a jazz guitar tone. You'll also learn what the best gauges are and whether you should get flat wound or round wound strings. Click here to continue



Famous Jazz Guitar Players and Their Gear

Al Di Meola's Guitar Gear

An overview of the guitars, amps, effects and guitar synthesizers that Al Di Meola plays on.

Click Here to Continue...

Al Di Meola Guitar Equipment

Allan Holdsworth Guitar Gear

Discover what kind of guitar setup Allan Holdsworth, one of the important players of fusion jazz, uses to obtain his legato playing style.

Click Here to Continue...

Allan Holdsworth guitar gear

Bill Frisell Guitar Rig

Find out what guitars, amps and effects Bill Frisell uses to create his unique sound.

Click Here to Continue...

Bill Frisell Guitar Equipment

Charlie Christian Guitar & Pickup

Charlie Christian was the first great solo guitarist with an amplified guitar. Find out what gear he used...

Click Here to Continue...

Charlie Christian Guitar Gear

Django Reinhardt Guitars

About the guitars Django Reinhardt used during his entire career: Selmer guitars. No amps involved.

Click Here to Continue...

Django Reinhardt Guitars

Freddie Green Rhythm Guitar

Freddie Green played acoustic only, using the biggest jazz archtops like Stromberg and Gretsch guitars.

Click Here to Continue...

Freddie Green Guitar

Gabor Szabo Guitar Gear

The guitar equipment that Gabor Szabo used throughout his career, mostly acoustic guitars.

Click Here to Continue...

Gabor Szabo Guitar

Grant Green's Guitar Gear

An overview of the guitars and guitar amps Grant Green liked to play.

Click Here to Continue...

Grant Green's Guitar Equipment

Jim Hall Guitar Equipment

Guitarist with an intimate tone - absolutely not into guitar equipment.

Click Here to Continue...

Jim Hall Guitar Equipment

Joe Pass Guitar Equipment

An overview of the guitars and guitar amps of Joe Pass.

Click Here to Continue...

Joe Pass Guitar Equipment

John Scofield Guitar Gear

Scofield's favorite guitars, guitar amps, effects and picks.

Click Here to Continue...

John Scofield Guitar Equipment

Mike Stern Guitar Gear

Mike Stern's guitars, amps & effects.

Click Here to Continue...

Mike Stern Guitar Equipment

Pat Metheny Guitar Setup

Pat was one of the pioneers of using electronic equipment in music and he's always on the lookout for innovative instruments. Check out his guitar rig.

Click Here to Continue...

Pat Metheny Guitar Gear

Wes Montgomery Guitar Setup

Wes Montgomery was not interested at all in guitar equipment, although he refused to play unplugged. He used a Gibson L5 throughout his career.

Click Here to Continue...

Wes Montgomery Guitar Equipment

Working on Your Instrument

Replacing guitar strings

How to String a Guitar

Replacing guitar strings the proper way - all you need to know about guitar strings. Putting new strings on your guitar is not rocket science, but you need to follow a few guidelines so your guitar doesn't go out of tune every time you play it.

More About Guitars

Replacing guitar strings

Lawsuit Guitars

Anyone looking for vintage guitars comes accross auctions for lawsuit guitars. There's a lot of confusion about these guitars though. What exactly are lawsuit guitars? How do you recognize one and where can you buy them?




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