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The Guitar Chord Finder

This guitar chord finder is designed to help you find guitar chord tones and guitar scales. If you don't know how guitar chords are constructed I suggest you read the guitar chord theory tutorial on this web site, else the guitar chord finder won't be very useful to you.

Here's how the guitar chord finder works:

  • select the chord root
  • if you're looking for guitar chords, select the chord type
  • if you're looking for guitar scales, select the scale type


The guitar chord finder will display all the chord notes of the chord on the guitar neck. Now it's up to you to select the notes of your chord voicing.

Here are some basic guidelines for selecting chord tones:

  • 3 and 7 are important notes. They decide if chords are major, dominant or minor.
  • The 1 is usually played by the bass player, so it's not so important in your voicing.
  • The 5 is not very important for your voicing either
  • Tensions make a chord interesting. They add color to a chord, so try to replace the 1 and 5 with tensions

Have a look at the D-E-T-A-I-L-S part of the chord finder. This part displays the name, chord tones and chord formula of the chosen chord.The blue dots on the guitar neck represent the 1 of your chord, the black dots are the other chord notes. There's also another way to work with the guitar chord finder. You can input notes on the guitar neck by clicking on it. To select open strings, click on the x on top of the neck (turns into a yellow circle).



This free guitar chord finder is © 2013 Robert Leh




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