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Guitar Chord Charts


The guitar chord charts in the free e-book available on this page bring together the basic guitar chords needed by every aspiring jazz guitarist.

What's more, besides these basic guitar chord charts I also include the tutorial that explains to you in easy steps the theory behind guitar chords. This lesson in music theory is an indispensable tool for understanding and remembering guitar chords. The guitar chord charts can tell you things about fingering and position, but just memorizing the chord diagrams without knowing what you are memorizing is in my opinion a waste of time.

Have a look at the contents of the e-book:

  • The guitar chord theory tutorial
  • The major guitar chord chart
  • The minor guitar chord chart
  • The dominant guitar chord chart
  • Guitar chord charts for half diminished, diminished & other chords
  • NEW: I added a chapter with more advanced jazz guitar chords

The guitar chord theory tutorial teaches you things like:

  • What exactly is the difference between major, minor, dominant and other guitar chord types?
  • How do I construct chords?
  • How do I apply music theory on the guitar?


The chord book covers 2 ways to construct triads and seventh chords, talks about avoid notes and tensions and ends with basic guitar chord charts for every chord type.

All guitar chord charts are in A4 format and printable.

Guitar Chord Charts  Download the free jazz guitar chord charts e-book


Have a look at fellow guitarist Chris Standring's web site.  He offers an excellent jazz guitar course called 'Play What You Hear'.  Version 2.0 is now here with brand new features including:

  • Guitar TAB!
  • Over 300 rhythm section audio examples and play-a-long files - Thanks to Peter Erskine & Steve Gadd!
  • Audio examples played by Chris Standring!
  • Quick & easy download - get your course in minutes!
  • Additional pdf files so you can print the entire course!


The basic jazz guitar chord book and all guitar chord charts are © 2013 Jazzguitar.be




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