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    I went to explain scales, arps, intervals, chromatics to Tony and he got mad that I was teaching him something lol. That's the last time I ever do that. :P


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    Who's Tony?

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    My teacher Tony Monaco.

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    Oh, I see. Not Tony Soprano. Now I understand.

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    He was mad at me today lol. I had to let him know that Autumn Leavz was in minor tho.

    He was saying he wondered why E-maj notes like C# sounded good when the song's in G major. I said because it's in E minor.. And then I ran.
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    TBF I know some good players with a shaky grasp of theory who think the first chord of Just Friends is the key.

    You have to call 'Just friends in F, first chord Bb' just to check.

    Mind you someone called After You've Gone in Bb the other day and I played the first chord as Bb lol. I was to be fair, very tired.