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    I just picked up a used copy of "The Advancing Guitarist" by Mick Goodrick. I like the author's style, though I don't know if this book will get me any closer to the concepts of Parker or Rollins, my jazz idols.

    Anyway: on page 12, under "Activities - Application", step 2, the author says "Record suggested modal vamps on your tape recorder." My question: what suggested modal vamps? I don't know what that means - are these vamps in the book somewhere? Maybe the author refers to vamps he gave his Berklee students back in the day, that didn't get included in the book?

    I suppose I should figure this out myself. Anyway, thanks!


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    I think it might be the stuff on pages 15 and 16 (I have the book but haven’t really worked through it yet). Possibly Mick forgot to clarify this (or just assumed people knew what he meant).

    It’s a question that often gets asked, as you’ll see if you google it!

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    A more important question: where can you get a tape recorder?

    (I’ve got one stashed away in the attic as it happens!)

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    Or maybe just use your phone?

    He gives 7 chord forms to use - make up your own rhythms.