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    Descriptive theory analyzes any music that has already occurred or music that is happening in the moment. It may or may not have anything with the composers/improvisors understanding of what transpired.

    Prescriptive theory is an active suggestion to do this to achieve that result,
    or just because......they said so.

    There are a vast collection of ideas amassed by smart people and less smart people, disseminated with the support of publishing companies, academic institutions and now the university of youtube.
    An idea/theory is an experiment to be explored or not as one chooses.
    Any idea that yields insight and musical progress is a good thing.
    No idea has all the answers, still waiting on a unified theory
    (one w/o cultural bias).

    Never met a musician devoid of ideas, regardless of how
    much formal theory they know. (semantics perhaps)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by doc w
    i had a music theory teacher who never called it theory. He used the term "materials and techniques of music."

    what we call music theory is an attempt to describe already-existing music, i.e., music practise. Trying to find some sort of universal music theory is the result of misunderstanding that difference because practise varies all the time, sometimes working with historical convention, sometimes working outside of it.