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    [QUOTE=Christian Miller;1152598]

    Brothers and Sisters

    Well your main choices are basically (going to C) G7, Bb7 and Db7 - E7 .........edit............./QUOTE]

    Furthermore (In C) :

    Dominant and Tritone of Major (G7 / Db7)

    Dominant and Tritone of Relative Minor (E7 / Bb7)

    Very elegant.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar
    So, I'd adjust that equal sign. A wavy equal sign means, as I understand it, "close, not necessarily exact".
    How do you do one of those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Miller
    How do you do one of those?
    I do it with a pencil.

    But, " =~ " might convey the idea.

    ? Got this one from Word's symbol function and pasted it here. Looked fine and then was changed to a question mark by an unseen force when I posted the draft.

    There is probably a way to do it with a virtual kb, aka on-screen kb, but mine comes up without the numeric keypad.

    alt + 247 on the numeric keypad will work in Windows on a computer with a numeric keypad.
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    (google plus copy/paste)

    EDIT: Doh! It was 2 squiggly lines but some filter turned it into a question mark.



    EDIT: I give up!