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    Couldn't find anywhere else to post this. Working Hammond is the first time I've ever thought guide tones worked well for me. On piano, I though uhh yeah no that's too thin, it just sounds like an exercise. Same thing with guitar. On Hammond you have a foot bass note below your guide tones in your left hand, plus the notes are fatter and take up way more space. First time I've ever used guide tones lol even though they're taught everywhere.


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    Which is interesting because guitar is always ‘thinner sounding’ to me than piano.

    And when I use guide tones it’s often to imitate a two handed piano thing, left hand comp, right hand solo.

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    Yep. For piano I usually still want more going on in the bass and tenor area than 2 notes. I like the sound of guitarists in combos comping with guide tones, it just never clicked for me. It's working perfectly on Hammond tho. You have a fat foot bass root note, the chord identifying notes in the left hand which are quite thick themselves, and then some lead stuff going on in the right hand, so everything sounds represented and balanced.