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    at 2:25 and 2:34 and 3:05


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Nice! Great find...

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    excellent, in a way sort of makes b9 very accessible. can imply Phry/Lyd, i must reply to post on Planing i was into that in quite a way a few years ago.

    simple ( guitar here ) min7 grips/shapes moved up whole steps initially same chord quality, simple shapes because as you will know they produce extensions
    ie Cmin7 playing Dm7 = 9 11 13 R etc . will move to the Planing post

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    It is not playing over the minor chord, more like side stepping. Uses as dominant tension to release again to the minor. It makes perfect sense on piano, where the left hand could follow, or just remain silent during the side step. May sound terrible in guitar, espeially if the comping other instrument stays on the minor chord.