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    As an intuitive composer with no formal knowledge of music theory, I mostly visualize chords and patch them together. It doesn't always work out.

    When it does work, I sometimes end up with some, hopefully, interesting key modulations, like in the piece linked below.

    Am(add9) / B9 / Ebm7(9) (min. 0.18 in recording)

    Gbmaj7 / Cm7 (0.23)

    Bmaj7 / Am9 (4.42)

    I would be interested to know if and where you may have seen similar changes and if B9 to Ebm7(9) could be considered a "pivot chord" modulation. Gbmaj7 to Cm7 may seem an unlikely change but I think it concludes the descending chromatic line nicely. Bmaj7 to Am9 - that one just "happened".


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