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    Hi jazzguitar people

    I set the goal of analysing 100 standards over 6 months. I follow the John A Elliot lego brick theory. I progress quicker than I thought but here I am stopped on this: bar 7 of Road Song. What do you think it happens there? The 2 chords (Em7b5 and Cm7) in this bar are not sharing the same key apparently. Cm7 could be in the key of the song which I believe is Gm, but Em7b5 is not. And what would you play in this bar to outline this chords?

    Also I find the real book sheet of Road Song weird. In the B part I can't ear a Dm but simply a resolution on Bb. But I do ear it is followed by a ii V in A. But I can't find this in the RB. I rather use the attached sheet. What do you think?


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    your sheet is good. Em7b5=Gm6 so it's in the key. just play the blues over that passage and you'll be fine.

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    IIRC, the Real Book 5th edition is missing one or two bars in one of the sections for that song.

    As for the chords, as mentioned above Em7b5 is a Gm6 with the bass in the 6th. Most of the guys of his generation thought of them that way rather than the second mode of the harmonic minor one step below. G Dorian will work over that quite nicely and will give your lines a little bit of harmonic movement against the chords before and after.