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    Hey Group,
    Someone here emailed me the other day with a question about Mick's etude book, and I lost the message! Whoever wrote, please re-send and I'll reply! Thanks!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    One of the things I like doing (with Vol 1) is: playing two- or three-voice versions of the 7th chord cycles, and then applying them to a tune. For fun, I wrote out two choruses of "All the things .." using two different, two-voice cycles. In real-life, especially when playing with a pianist or other guitarist, this may be all you need to play when comping! [Of course, I just wrote this in whole- and half-notes, and not actual "comping rhythms," so please do your own variations!] See what you think!

    ATTYA - Goodrick 2-voice.pdf

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    And a three-voice version:

    ATTYA - Goodrick 3-voice.pdf