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    Received a promotional email from Artistworks this morning for a 48% discount on an annual lesson plan. The code is FAST48 and brings an annual subscription down to about $150 USD. Which is about what I'd have to pay to have a tradesman visit my house for a few minutes to fix a plumbing issue. Interpret that as you will.

    I've mentioned elsewhere that, particularly in this time of global pandemic, the options for enjoying or studying music have exploded and it's impossible to do justice to one teacher with diligent practice let alone several. The way I use my subscriptions is for inspiration and motivation and, sometimes, learning something specific.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I just subscribed to Barry Greene's lessons. In the videos the man emits nuggets like a firehose, and it's easy to get the feeling that there is simply no way an average joe like me with a day job can absorb all that... but this is an illusion, the video's are there as if all it takes is watching them like one does youtube. Each one is a couple months of work at least, some can be worked on in parallel, and if you don't already have some serious physical capability, you will have to pause, work on something else, and come back. That's way different from a weekly lesson that feeds you bite sized pieces.

    I started the "Summertime" video.. after the initial playthrough of the head Barry launches into "...and then I can do..." and plays this STUFF... so I loaded the video into Transcribe and spent the last week working on a 6 second video segment.

    Amazing and strange times for sure.