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    Hi everyone, I am Oli and I would like to let you know about a Jazz Guitar Camp I am organising in the UK this August. We have Kurt Rosenwinkel, Howard Alden, Sid Jacobs and Christian Miller joining us so it should be a fantastic few days for jazz guitar players and enthusiasts. There aren't too many of these things in the UK and it would be great to do more of them, so come to Canterbury, Kent and join us!

    Here is the new poster, I hope you like it!
    UK Jazz Guitar Camp-uk-jazz-guitar-poster-adjusted-jpg
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Does one bring one's own tent, and is the water potable?

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    No water, just beer, I guess.

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    There a few options, but not any tents. There are 3 packages, one that includes a private en suite room at the venue. The venue has running water!

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    Beer AND water is available, we have all the drinks. Imagine

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    Hi everyone, Christian has just put up a video explaining about the event.

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    In my neck of the campground in 2020, we call that glamping.