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    I’m looking for someone to take a few jazz guitar lessons with in San Francisco CA or maybe other parts of the Bay Area. Happy to come to you. I usually play or teach piano in the evenings so most of my availability is in the mornings and afternoons. Looking for a teacher who has significant experience teaching jazz. I’ve taken some lessons with some good players and not all of them can teach well. Thank you for any help!


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    You can't go wrong with Jeff Massanari in Oakland.

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    This is not an endorsement, but I think both of these chaps have been playing jazz and teaching for a long time:

    Barry Solomon (in Alameda) Services
    Mike Wollenberg (in Canyon, CA) Mike Wollenberg, guitarist

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    I don't know if Jack Riordan teaches but I believe he's based in the city and he f**ing rips. In the east bay, I think Jeff is a very good teacher and great player. If you're into monk (which looks like you are), holler at John Schott.

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    Thank you guys! I checked out everybody and have a lot of people to call now. I know Jack a little bit, and man he does rip! Took a lesson yesterday from Bob Brumbeloe and found it really helpful. I’d like to check out a few of these others as well, so many killer layers thank you guys for the help!

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    If you want insight into jazz styles of the 30s and 40s, I also recommend you check out Nick Rossi in the Mission. He’s a great player and also a scholar. Studying with him is a serious education.

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    My pals Duncan James (he played with George Barnes in George's last band, hows that for a reference?) and Ned Boynton both teach. Having played gigs with both, I can say that they are superb jazz guitarists.

    My friend Mimi Fox also teaches (over in the east bay). Mimi is a world class player and educator. I have worked with her and can say that her knowledge is immense.
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    And Terrence Brewer in S.F. And Randy Vincent up in Santa Rosa (though Randy can be hard to schedule with, as he's always teaching, including his regular gig at SSU, and playing out).