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    Hello friends,

    I am new to this site so want to say hello to you all.
    I know many of you have heard my recordings and seen my videos, maybe I have met some of you in person as well!
    Anyway, I live in Virginia now (no more NYC after 34 years) and would love to have some students, either via Skype or in the area.
    My price is now reduced to $60 per hour and would love to hear from you.



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    That's one cooking combo, Randy!
    "Learn the repertoire. It’s all in the songs. If you learn 200 songs, you will have no problem improvising."
    Frank Vignola

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    Welcome to the forum, Randy! Glad you're here!
    Best regards, k

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    Welcome Randy.

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    Cool welcome Randy.

    So look forward to your tips, "cause everything I play gonna be funky from now on" (sorry it had to be said especially because it is not a trueism, despite my best efforts)
    “When you’re creating your own ...., man, even the sky ain’t the limit.”
    Miles Davis

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    Check him out, peeps. I've know him since '84. He's a veteran, a badass, and Virginia's gain was NYC's loss. Great guy, besides.

    $60/hr is a steal to study with a guy as good as Randy. Pony up, MFers....

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    Welcome Randy. We met a few times at NYU... I just graduated the masters program from there back in Dec. I hope the move to Virginia was a good move for you in the big picture, and wish you luck finding students and work for yourself.

    Anyone who's not familiar... I never studied with Randy, but know guys who did and had nothing but fantastic things to say. And he was always super nice and cool when our paths crossed.

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    Randy, welcome!

    I sent you a private message.