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    Hey guys,

    My name is Jordan. I'm a jazz guitarist living and working in NYC. And I really want to give one of you two free half hour Skype lessons. I'm an adjunct instructor at a major university here in the city and work privately with undergraduates. I'm also going to be wrapping up my masters degree here and have been insanely lucky to have studied with some of my all-time musical heroes. Scofield, Peter Bernstein, Brad Shepik, Alan Ferber, Stefon Harris, Jean-Michel Pilc, Ari Hoenig, Mark Turner, and others.

    I have been teaching privately for about 10 years now, and now that I live here in the city, I was thinking of opening that up to offering Skype lessons. But here's the issue, and here's where you can get two free lessons with me. I am not very good with the gear side of things. If I'm going to teach on Skype, I want to make sure that the audio quality of my voice and my guitar are crystal clear for each of my students. I have a little M-audio interface. I am plugging my lapel mic into one channel of the interface, and I am running my guitar through a small amp and then running a line out from the amp into the other channel of the interface. When I check the audio preferences on my mac and choose the m-audio interface, it shows both the guitar and my voice mic and being picked up within my computer...but for some reason when I go to use Skype, only my voice is audible, and the guitar can't be heard...except as bleed through from the voice mic.

    If any of you guys out there are good with gear and can help me fix the issue so that the guitar and the voice mic are picked up and can be heard clearly through Skype, I'd love to barter with you by offering you two free 30-minute sessions with me for your time and help.

    Let me know if you think you can help!

    Thanks a bunch guys!


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    It's my understanding that Skype only looks at the 1st channel on your audio interface. It seems to be fixed parameter that cannot be changed by the user. Only solution I can think of is to get a small mixer and go into your first channel for skype.

    I encountered a similar problem in that I like to use a microphone for skype calls. I generally do not need the guitar when making these calls. So the mic has to be in channel 1 for skype to work, of course in my case channel 1 is the only input designed for high z guitar inputs.

    Does that help?


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    That's interesting Danielle. I hadn't considered the issue being the Skype software itself. I know the interface works because the computer audio input preferences is registering both channels, and I've done a little recording and the guitar track is definitely getting picked up in Logic. So the idea that Skype will only recognize the first channel of an interface is an interesting point to consider. I suppose I have some homework to do to try and figure out how to bypass that issue.

    Thanks so much for your help. If I can figure out how to resolve it and you're interested in the 2 free sessions, I'd love to set something up. Let's stay in touch. Thanks!

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    Hi Jordan

    I think some how you need to get things mixed and routed to that first input.

    I have only taken one Skype lesson. However, I just used one microphone for both the guitar and vocal. I used a hollow body archtop acoustically.

    I suppose if you had enough channels on your interface and audio software with special routing you might be able to get the signal back to the first channel. (Might need a cable). However a separate standalone mixer might be a lot easier to set up.

    I am curious what you are running for audio interface hardware, what associated software you use.

    Will your location be fixed for a while once you get all of this set up?

    I would enjoy taking a few lessons with you. Things would be easy to schedule at my end.


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    Thinking through this further, I doubt if you will be able to communicate to your interface from the computer using any DAW softare and Skype software at the same time. I am really leaning towards the standalone mixer.


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    Hi Jordan

    I ran this by a friend and she suggested we take a look at this software.

    VB-Audio VoiceMeeter


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    Wow...thanks for all the thoughts Danielle. I'm definitely going to check out this software. Looks like on the website it's saying that it would be possible to mix both signals (voice and guitar) and send as a single output directly into Skype...which seems like it would fix the whole problem. I've thought about just using the internal mic of the's really not THAT terrible. And I know guys who teach on Skype who do that. But frankly, they already have names and reputations that are sought after by others, so I feel like they can pretty much do whatever they want! hahaha

    For me, I really want my product/service to be perfect. Meaning that the audio is crystal clear. Zero issues. One of the downsides to the Skype lessons (as I'm sure you know), is that you're not sitting right next to the person and able to see everything super clearly. So I want to set it up so that my students have every shot at following what I'm talking about and what I'm showing them on my instrument.

    My set up is really lame honestly, as I do very little home recording. Mostly just solo guitar performances and short instructional videos (this is still brand new and none of them are 'out there'). I bought an M-Audio recording starter kit many years ago...long before investing in Logic. It came with a bunch of stuff including a really simple 2 channel M-Audio interface. One channel with xlr input and one with a 1/4 inch. I do also have an apogee one, which if I had a small external mixing board would probably be perfect for this. But for now, I'm going to try the software you mentioned and keep my fingers crossed that it works.

    As for my location, I moved to NY about 2 years ago. I'm just finishing up my masters, teaching a lot, and composing and performing as much as possible. My location should be pretty fixed and stable for a while. Though, I suppose if I really get this Skype thing up and running, I'm not sure that that will matter anymore...which is kind of a big part of why I want to start offering education online. Much more flexible for everyone involved.

    Out of curiosity, you mentioned having taken one Skype lesson in the past. Who was it with?

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    Shoot, it looks like this software is only compatible with Windows and I'm running on a mac. But it gives me an idea of possibilities. I'm going to do some research and see if I can find any other competitors to this that can run with my set up.

    Thanks again!

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    It's my understanding that the release of Windows 10, users will get more control of audio routing.

    I am not familiar with Apple MAC software. I don't know if there is any built in capability or if you need to find an add on.


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    Yeah, I found a pre-built in way to virtual combine multiple input devices into one...but I'm not sure if that will allow me to virtually combine two tracks from the same audio input device. I think it's more if I had two separate audio input devices. I'm playing with it right now to see if it will do the trick. Otherwise I'll have to find a software add on...or just bit the bullet and buy another piece of hardware.

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    Have you checked your Audio MIDI setup in Utilities, Jordan? It should be possible to create aggregate devices from the bottom drop down menu to allow multiple inputs and outputs. Also, if you're thinking of recording the video from your sessions ecamm's Call Recorder is a no hassle solution:

    Call Recorder for Skype - The Skype Audio/Video HD Call Recording Solution for Mac - Ecamm Network

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    I have done one Skype lesson in the past, and both of us simply used the built in microphones in our computers. While it may not be recording quality it seemed perfectly clear to me.

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    Today I installed the VoiceMeeter software on my Windows 8.1 laptop and it seems to be working OK. On the virtual output (for Skype), there's a mono button, that I had to press, before Skype would pick up both channels on the audio interface.

    I configured it so that it would auto start when I start windows. I configured it using WDM USB. An ASIO driver showed up on the selection window for the output, but I could not use it as there was not a corresponding one for the hardware inputs.

    For the record my comments apply for Voice Meeter Version

    I tested this with a Lexicon Alpha audio interface.


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    Hey Jordan. Me and a friend actually just tried to sort out this problem for him. He used a program called Sound Flower (for Mac). It didn't work for him, but that could be a variety of factors, so I'd give it a shot.

    I just found this link: mac - How can I mix audio from separate devices and output to one device? - Ask Different

    It sounds like my friend might have missed a step, and that these instructions would do it (just replace Audacity with Skype in the example).

    Even if you were going to get another piece of hardware, I am not sure if that would help. The problem with Skype is simply accepts one input, so finding a way to fuse them is the way to go.

    Hope it works out!
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    Thanks everyone for your input! I'm doing a little testing of solutions...and my semester is going to be wrapping up in about a week and a half. Once my own stuff is wrapped up, and once I'm done working with all my students for the semester, I will definitely be in touch with each of you to see what we can work out. Thanks again!

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    do you build guitars too?

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    I used to Fritz. Long long ago. In a galaxy far away. I still wish I did sometimes. But at a certain point I felt like I needed to choose between playing and building, and I just love playing too much.

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    Hi, Jordan,

    Here's an article by someone who seems to have found a solution to your exact problem using software called Jack, which is available for the Mac.

    Don?t know JACK about sending audio to Skype? | Justin S Barrett