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    For serious players looking to genuinely wish to learn what is now commonly known as "Benson Picking" with support coaching provided to ensure you get it down.

    No guesswork any more.

    Jazz Guitar Coach

    JC Stylles
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    I'll just add a testimonial here that I purchased the lesson the last time you posted here and saw immediate positive affects on my picking. In particular, your description of the important muscle in the hand was a big "AHA!" moment for me.

    I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about learning Benson picking.

    Edited to add: The discussion about the positioning of the index finger was huge, too. I'd never noticed a lot of the subtleties from all my vid watching before, and you really broke it down in a nice, intelligible way.
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    Thanks for the feedback ecj-results is the name of the game. Hit me up anytime.

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    JC - I entered my name and email as required to access the free vid, then went to the 'submit' screen and was told that the required fields were missing (name and email). Repeated it twice to double check, same result.

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    Hi 3625,

    Sorry to hear that, and not sure why that happened, as I just checked it and it was working fine.Gremlins perhaps?LOL

    In any case, drop me a line at: and I will onforward you the free video you should have received.


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    Will do, thanks JC

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    I too tried to enter an enquiry but to no avail. I used the email adress above, hope it works. 0zoro

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    I found mine in my junk mail.

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    Sometimes traffic demand simply slows the delivery a little. Rest assured you will receive it, or drop me a line at

    JC Stylles

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    ..also, the Special code was affected as a result, but has been rectified now .

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    Hi folks!
    Digging the site thank you. Does anyone of know Who does online lessons via Skype who is methodical and knows their theory inside and out and can really deliver in terms of converting the information to applicable demonstration?
    Never too old to up skill I say!

    thank you

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