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    Blues and Jazz Guitar Teacher in Austin, Texas is accepting 10 students for weekly lessons. I have played for 50+ years. Reading is a plus but not mandatory. Must commit to one month (4 lessons) at a time.

    Guide tones with extentions, Chordal Scales, comping, diatonic and pentatonic improvisation, motif development and much, much more.

    Leon Rodriguez


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Sounds great wish you lived in NJ

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    That's no problem my friend. We can Skype if you're into it. We'd begin with a focus on where you want to be in a year. Streamline the path to that goal. If you give me one hour of real practice a day, we can sideline the BS and get down to the "Bee's Knees"- A lifetime of playing in Austin, yields a lot of 'stuff' to share with the 'youngbloods'. This is TExas so I got my first guitar at 3, I'm 61 and still squeezing tones. I'll go 'out' playing my guitar in a smokey Tejas beer joint. LOL

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    Can you play jazz bebop blues

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    Yeah sure, although, I gotta say that I play them like I play them at this point in my life, but you will play them like you want to play them. I believe bop to be a still growing craft and art form, not something historical. The key to bop is more about how you insert your chromatics while playing over changes. While Charlie Christian pushes all my buttons; I never wanted to sound like a guitar version of Charlie Parker, but I will add reading out of the C.P. omnibook to my daily routine when I want to reconnect with that vibe and the rest just happens naturally on the gig. Another thing that will help is to play your favorite scales while disciplining yourself to connect from the V to the I chromatically. Any scale, the front tetrachord as is and the last half a chromatic run of V to I. Once under hand, forget it and just think melodically. Once you begin to hear that you’ll recognize it's character and it will start to make melodic be-bop sense. The rest is you.

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    sounds interesting

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    I Can Surely Play Jazz Bepop Blues If You Wanna Have Competition Then You Could Surely Have It

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    Probably a spammer. . . .
    Patrick2 . . Heritage representative (now former)

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    My son is looking for a Jazz Guitar teacher for this summer. Are you still available?