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    Don't forget that when you pay a guitar teacher you are for the most part paying for someone who has experienced ears to listen to your playing, judge what you can or cannot do, what you want to learn and help you break that into reachable goals.

    Voicings, scales etc is on the internet or in books.

    That is at least how I try to teach.

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    One thing I haven't seen mentioned in this post is the importance of developing proper technique to avoid issues such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome from playing with incorrect technique. I have fibromyalgia and my hands are in constant pain. Not extreme pain, but constant. I definitely want to learn the proper way to hold the guitar and position my wrists and hands to avoid developing any further problems. A teacher can spot mistakes one makes and help correct them before they become bad habits, while a DVD obviously cannot, so I plan on making use of both resources in my learning.

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    Very nice thread, I read some posts and decided let my thoughts about this...

    I'm starting to play guitar and Jazz, at the beginning I tried to learn it by myself but there is so much information on the web and so many books that you can buy that I got totally lost in this ocean of information.
    So I decided to buy some video from a Jazz teacher (Mateus Starling) from here (Brazil) because of his support through email and chat, so I started to get some insights and advice from him that I decided to start Skype lessons with him (He lives in an different city) after doing this my skill and knowledge started to really improve.
    After a while I found a school in my city that is focused only on Blues an Jazz with band practices, something that I think that is essential to learn how to play Jazz is play with other people, this is one of the best way to learn and improve.

    So I think that for a beginner a teacher is almost mandatory, otherwise it's hard to get all the available info and make sense of them.