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    I / I / V7 / V7 / V7 / V7 / I / I /

    I / I7 / IV / IVm (#IVo) / I / VI7 / II7 V7 / I /


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    This is not a test but a request. The changes seem very common and fun to blow on but I don't have a head for them.

    It may be a song from Appalachia or from the Caribbean or wherever.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    happy birthday

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    Goodnight Ireal

    I mean Goodnight Irene ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by djg
    happy birthday


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    I’ve heard this sort of progression referred to as a ‘rag’ in gypsy jazz circles.

    EDIT - this seems more like the second half section in fact.
    What is this progression? Help — DjangoBooks Forum

    Anyway tunes that go I-V-I and then the rag (give or take a few passing chords) are pretty ubiquitous in earlier/traddier jazz rep

    Tiger Rag
    Django’s Tiger
    Just a Closer Walk
    Bourbon Street Parade
    Bill Bailey
    I Love You (not the Cole Porter song)

    I like III7+5 IV #IVo7 I/V (#Vo7) VIm II7 V7sus for ‘the rag’ btw. Churchy!

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    Thanks Christian.

    (She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain)
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