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    All the charts of this are terrible. So I fixed it. You're welcome. I just made this up to sound good, I didn't try to transcribe anything.

    My delux Bye Bye Blackbird fixed changes chart-bye-bye-blackbird-jpg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    very nice , thanks

    also I think I like bar 5 as G

    also bars 23 and 24
    as Bbm and Eb7

    (also bar 28 as F#o)

    great up tune !

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    Thx. Yeah those sound good. Although, I didn't like the Bb- Eb7 change. It was written in an I removed it. I think the change from G-7 to G half dim is much more elegant. F#o is an embellishment of D7 as you probably know.

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    fair enough !