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    Those who know me here know I'm a devoted fan---not to mention we were friends & I got to play with him. Proud of both.

    What is there to say about Chris? He's unique; avoids cliches, especially tired II V mess. His touch is sublime. He improvises with orchestration, almost unparalleled among pianists or anyone else in jazz. He knows the tunes to the core, lyrics too (he's recorded singing), giving him full license to meander the way he does, especially solo.

    But what I love best is that he TAKES HIS TIME! He's great therapy for a too-rushed; unbalanced world---if only someone would listen.

    (This fine song has also been memorably recorded by Ahmad Jamal and Tony Bennett)...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks, Joel. Chris Anderson is no longer a blank spot in my consciousness, but exactly who I need to hear in just this way.

    I appreciate hearing someone from my father’s generation with this pace and this touch, which reminds me, once again, that the person who fathered us is one of many possible fathers, and those of us who did not turn out like our biological fathers must keep looking for the others whose examples connect us to histories in which we can feel creatively and generationally at home.

    I’m also working on a piece or two like this, so thanks for providing my daily compositional before/after listen.

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    He was from MY father's generation too. Maybe a little younger---my dad was born in '21. I think Chris was born in '26.

    Looks like those values came and went. It's sort of artistic death to try to re-create them. The Golden Days were the Golden Days, and they ought to remain there.

    Better to learn the lessons and go somewhere of your own...

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    hes tapping into something...plenty of past....

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    Ethan Iverson was coincidentally tweeting about Chris yesterday

    Chris's estate replied to say they are releasing new (i.e. previously unreleased) tunes: