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    I'm convinced I started a thread on this but can't seem to find it!
    Has anyone heard a recording of this waltz time blues? The co writer is Frank Assunto.
    ThanksWhat's the Time by Herb Ellis-20210902_202316-jpgWhat's the Time by Herb Ellis-20210902_202332-jpg


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    Only thing I can find online that might be relevant is this:

    An interesting swing date for Epic records resulted in Frank's only recording away from the Dukes. Herb Ellis' The Midnite Roll (June 1962) had Frank filling in for Roy Eldridge on two sessions. Frank acquits himself nicely in the company of Buddy Tate, Ray Bryant, Gus Johnson and Herb. He gets in a nice harmon spot on Darling Nellie and sounds great on band and solo chores such as Symphony, You'd better Know it and Herb's Here. No doubt Herb Ellis decided to pay Frank back for his guest spots with the Dukes.

    I'm sure that Frank enjoyed this session as the Dukes' were getting more swing oriented and it showed that he was more than a "dixieland" player.

    The Dukes also made an unusual 45 single of two Assunto/Ellis originals called Too Bad and What's the Time? The sides are very pleasant swing, but quite removed from the usual Dukes fare. (Too Bad was also on the Midnite Roll album).