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    From the film The Oscar.

    I love the intervals in the melody---rangy and jazz-influenced. And the coda is as hopeful as the surprise ending of Gloomy Sunday.

    Years before hearing Mr. Bennett (he recorded it years before this collab w/Evans, and may have been the soundtrack singer---and good health, Tony) I knew this b/c of 2 Montgomery brothers: Wes w/Jimmy Smith; Buddy on a private recording I'd heard and possibly commercially...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I love every single minute of Bill and Tony on record, but this is among the best of it.

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    A few other notable versions, since Buddy didn't seem to record it commercially, or if he did youtube hasn't found it:

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    Don't miss out on this tune!

    OK, maybe singers don't knock some of yiz out, so here's James & Wes (how I learned of the tune, tba):