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    The name is escaping me atm..


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Dunno. But the impro is unbelievable and wonderful. (I already hear in my head, some orthodox Scofield fan, saying "Hey, what are you doing Sco, it is a shame, are you getting old, or wtf?".) It is not my hyperactive fantasy, I had read such a comments under Sco and Chris Minh Doky Alone Together on YouTube. Absolute disagree :-) This video made my day :-)

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    Yes, absolutely transcendent playing, especially the cadenza!!

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    He's mellowed in recent years, but what he lost in fire he gained in lyricism.

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    Scof is always my # 1.
    HE has its own musical language and an amazing feel.

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    It's easy to remember (but so hard to forget)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    It's easy to remember (but so hard to forget)
    Thank you!