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    Hi Folks,
    Well lo and behold here I am latched onto Wes’s version of Here’s That Rainy Day. My first Jazz Standard I can do pretty much all the way through.
    I haven’t got the octaving down yet but I think I have a good understanding of where it should be.
    That being said I’m wondering where I go for my own soloing rather that copy what Wes does.
    Im of the concept that I get the body of the song and solo on my own.
    Any tips and tricks will be much appreciated. Scales ? Arpeggios ?
    Much Thanks !


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    one of my fave tunes...starting with the "Tadd Dameron" turnaround..bIII bVi bII IMA..isolate this ..create a backing track of this if you can..its a good workout to develope some ideas

    you can look up some of the ways to solo over this part of the tune..as it is the essence of its harmonic movement..

    use anticipations..altered arps..and melodic patterns ..use melody and scale fragments ..

    Ted Greene has some nice chords for this also..tedgreene.com

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    Great advice from Wolfen.

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    Thanks Wolf much appreciated. I’ve been relying on my ears to do this so I hope I’m correct.
    Thanks also for the mention of Tadd Dameron, beautiful music indeed.
    I just might sink my teeth into On A Misty Night. I had never heard of him so this was a great surprise.
    Cheers and Stay Safe !