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    The sheet I reference to is in A min /C maj.

    In the bridge, 2nd bar, where the melody goes to the flattened six and all similar bars after.

    My sheet says it should be the dominant sus 7 b9 chord (G7sus4 b9) of the major key (C maj in my case) but I hear it more like the IV minor chord so that'd be a Fmin7.

    What do you play? Opinions?

    Thank you!

    Diana Krall plays the IV minor chord
    Dave Hosley plays a b2 7#11 chord (That would be Db7#11 in my key)
    Frank Sinatra goes to the IV min and descents to III - VI - II V back to the Tonic.

    Found one more recording where they go to IV min. and then always alternate between IV min. and III min., interesting. (III min could be seen as a sub for the I chord)
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    Yeah, checked a couple of more versions on YT, that lead sheet seems to be just wrong.

    Everybody seems to go to the four minor in one or the other way (subs).

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    That b6 in the melody suggest chords compatible with that.

    The bass player gets to decide what chord that is haha. Fm6 is fine.

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    G7sus4 b9 is Fm6/G or iv minor with V in the bass. Moving between iv/V (Fm6/G or G7sus4 b9) and I (C) or I/V (C/G) is very common. It works well as a intro vamp, especially for Cole Porter tunes such as All of You. Porter was a big fan of iv - I. I Love You and What Is This Thing Called Love contain extended versions of that progression: ii7b5 - Vb9 - I. If you consider that ii7b5 (Dm7b5) and iv6 (Fm6) are inversions of each other, the relationship becomes clear.

    The major equivalent, IV/V (F/G) to I (C) is all over gospel and Motown tunes. I hear both chords as kind of hybrid sub-dominant/dominants.
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    I'll see your Fm6 and Dm7b5/F and raise you Bb9 (no root)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMB

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    #5 PMB
    G7sus4 b9 is Fm6/G
    you're absolutely right, where was my thinking?

    Turned out to be a fun thread.... thanks to all of you!