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    Joy Spring forever! One of the tunes that I keep returning to. Click here for my latest Blog entry to find out why ...



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    Nice stuff, DB. It's not a bad thing to get obsessed by a tune now and again :-)

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    A while ago I made a transcription of a Joe Pass solo fingerstyle version of Joyspring, as I was fascinated to know how he made this into an effective solo guitar arrangement (I worked it out from that youtube video where he plays to some people in a guitar shop, plus bits from another version he recorded).

    It’s an absolute pig to play, I still can’t play it properly. Increased my respect for Joe no end. Especially as in the youtube video he starts talking while he plays it!

    It starts at about 1:30 here:

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    yeah !

    thats pretty great
    that tune kicks my ass to just play the
    melody ok ....

    love to hear your version if you care to post ....

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    Here's the transcription, if I ever learn to play it smoothly enough I will post a video! (don't hold your breath.)
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    thanks , that’s very generous of you

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    Sounds fantastic, Dick.


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    If I had to make a list of happy Jazz songs, this one would be number one. It was well named.