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    Good day folks. Does anyone know where I can find a book of Johnny Smith transcriptions? I have been figure out pieces by ear but would like to test my interpretations against proper transcriptions.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I Can't find my copy at the moment, but there is a book of about 2 dozen transcriptions of Smith's recorded output. Seems reasonably accurate. Check eBay and amazon for "Johnny Smith Guitar solos", running about $20.

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    One of our forum members, Steve Herron, has an online business selling all kinds of music books, transcriptions, and DVDs. A great resource. He offers chord melody transcriptions by Stacey McKee in a variety of formats for a number of jazz guitarists. Here’s the webpage devoted to Johnny Smith:
    Johnny Smith Tabs - Guitar Solos, Tab Books, Instruction DVDs + Video Lessons

    The JS solo arrangements book is also listed for sale on the webpage.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Bill and Ron for your feedback.

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    I have not played through the book that has been referenced, but there are a number of YouTube videos that have alleged transcriptions of Johnny Smith. Many of the ones that I have looked at are inaccurate in places- e.g., placing the chords on the wrong string sets which makes them much more difficult to play and in a few cases not understanding that he usually tuned his low string to D rather than E. Some of his chords are simply unplayable without that. Some of the better ones reveal very efficient ways to play the arrangements. So use your ears to check!

    Despite his fearsome reputation, a lot of what Johnny played is straightforward and logical (not that I can actually play it...).