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    Discovering Peace Piece and immediately reminded me of the Chopin Berceuse op 57, similar two chord vamp with an improvisatory feel

    Googling found this
    Chopin’s Berceuse and the Music of Bill Evans – The Listeners' Club

    not trying to take anything away from Bill (like I could if I tried), but interesting connection and just shows what an amazing figure Chopin was


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    how blessed we all are to have this music in our lives....

    just to play with these two chords and run ideas over them makes me thankful I can play music

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    heavenly piece from bill...showing heavy satie influence!!!



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    Bill Evans would practice by sight reading classical piano pieces- at tempo! Glenn Gould used to call him the Scriabin of jazz.

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    How lucky we are to have Evans, Chopin, Scriabin, Gould, and many others, including guys and galls all over the world who express themselves through all the different art forms. Life without them would be impossible. But, yes, some more than others ;-)

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    Bill was raised on Classical music. He’d play all types of classical music in his home for his Mom, whom he deeply loved. He didn’t begin playing attempts at jazz until his late teens. Bill had a very sentimental soul. What a gentle man he was. I don’t think he ever got over his girlfriend who took her life because Bill chose to leave her for another woman. His life reads like a Greek tragedy. We’re thinking of you Bill.

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    Like the music of Chopin, the beauty that Bill Evans brought to the world is eternal.