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    I'm preparing a couple of jazz standards for a combo that I hope to join (it's a combo course, so the purpose is to learn. Level should be beginner, but some of the songs they've included seem a bit difficult to me though). One of the songs is Nostalgia in Times Square. I didn't receive info on the key, so I guess it's in F.

    I already found this video:

    which is also in the key of F, but the progression is a bit weird for me as a noob. The melody is not really in F, or are these extra notes the blue notes? Also the chord progression seems weird. Is it true there is a modulation?

    The combo includes a drummer, bass player, pianist, teacher and (maybe) me on guitar. What could I play? 3rd and 7ths on the chords? And then which scales for soloing? Maybe a bebop scale?

    Hope these questions aren't too noobish.


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    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for your video, I really enjoyed it, this is one of my favorite songs. I play it a lot. Its some kind of blues, try lydian-mixolydian, or arpeggiate it (1,3, #4, b7) on those dominants, they are going to be sound very cool :-). But You already sound cool bro, so thanks again, and keep up the good work!

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    Thanks, but that's not me on the video. I wished it were.

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    Check what Nigel Price plays here - pretty much F blues phrases for the F7-Eb7 section . The Eb7 is a passing chord really , don't sweat trying to play it .
    Ab-7 Db7 bogstandard II-V phrases , Db mixolydian or bebop scale
    Last four bars just a cycle of II-Vs , start by outlining the arpeggios , guide tones ( C-B-Bb-A-Ab-G-Anatural )

    Great tune , incidentally most people following the real book play the wromg chord in bar 5 , check Mingus' original recording

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    Aha, so F blues (or bebop?), Db bebop, followed by the guidetones C, B, Bb, A, Ab, G and A (with natural you mean just the A right?)

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    It works, thanks!
    I now play the guidetones with an octave below, which sounds nice. I'll try to make several versions of it. Are the guidetones you mention always the same relative note for that specific chord, for instance the 3rd or 7th?

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    In the video posted I believe the Bb in bar 9 that is shown in the sheet music (and played) should be a B natural.