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    I am interested in what chord you all play in the second measure of Wayne Shorter's 502 Blues. The Db Maj 7 in the Real Book doesn't sound right to me; I think the bass player in the original may be playing a Db, but Ab7 sounds better to me. I suppose if you a Db in the bass of an Ab 7 you get a type of Db Maj 7, but I don't think that was the intent. Anyway, the Real Book ( at least I think that is where it came from) has this:

    Amin7/ DbMaj7/ Bminb5/ E7#9

    Amin7/ DbMaj7/ Bminb5/ E7#9

    Cmin 9/ F7b9/ BbMaj7/ Abmin 7 Db9

    F#minb5/ B7b9/ EMaj 7

    Any thoughts?




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    I love that tune) Maybe its a Dbmaj voicing thing. I use

    x4352x or sometimes x4356 the Db octave or the F octave seem to add the right flavor for me or maybe I am tone deaf


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    I haven't seen a single version yet that didn't have a DbM7. I think one had DbM7(#5) because the melody contains a natural A. But, in his solos, Wayne always plays Bb/Ab and the chord is just a DbM7.

    This guy talks about it here at 3.27.

    The versions on YouTube have Herbie Hancock playing piano but there's a version with Jimmy Rowles. I'm about to post it on YouTube. The piano is very clear and I think he's just playing either a DbM7 or a straight Db maj or maybe Db6.

    See what you think. It'll appear shortly (no pun intended). Whether this will help you with your chord voicings, of course, is another matter.
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    I guess I will need to "grow my ears" and get used to the sound! I like the song the more I have played through it.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1
    I think that one's still Herbie.

    The solos sound to me like they are still playing a DbM7. Wayne plays a pentatonic several times, starting on the 5 or 3 maybe giving the impression of a different chord. Herbie's solo shows definite signs of DbM7.

    Version with Jimmy Rowles has a pretty different tone to it.

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    You're right. It was wrongly listed so I've deleted it. But the Jimmy Rowles one (and it is him on piano) is a different arrangement. Sounds to me like they stay on Am + variations (like CM7) but I could be wrong.

    Couldn't resist it. I played with putting in lots of different chords in bar 2. Otherwise it's Am - X - Bm7b5 - E7b9. The subs are as follows. Some of them are quite interesting. I've included the DbM7 (as a sub for CM7). Sorry the quality isn't better.