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    Hi, I'm looking for the lead sheet of There's A Small Hotel. I can only find it in G and would like to not have to write it in F myself, anyone know if it's available somewhere in a format I can download and transpose, or just in F?



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    There's a Fakebook called 557 Jazz Standards that has it in the key of F.
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    If you can distinguish between rehearsing and practicing...you're better than half way there!

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    This is the 557 book version, combined from two pages. It's a little more complex than the other one. The fuzzy chords are from the original print (not me!). Possibly Bb6/Gm7 - Am7/D7.

    (You can save out the picture then magnify it if you need to)

    There's A Small Hotel-5-jpg
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    These versions have guitar comping in the background. They've perked up the tune quite a bit too. I'm afraid this one's in G.

    And this one's in Ab. Oh, well, c'est la vie.

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    looks like you got the chart, here's one of my favorite versions, Oscar Moore