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    I liked this quite a bit (I tend to really love Iverson's writing generally).

    I was just wondering what the guitar equivalent of this would be? I work quite a bit on classical guitar, usually on stuff that's probably too hard for me. I'd probably be better off with a book of simpler, close to sightreadable stuff. Anyway. Maybe you'll like it, it's a good read.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That was fascinating. Thank you for posting it.
    "Learn the repertoire. It’s all in the songs. If you learn 200 songs, you will have no problem improvising."
    Frank Vignola

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    I started out with a classical guitar anthology called ‘World’s Favourites’ or something like that (still got it somewhere), it had lots of simple classical guitar pieces (although later in the book there were some more ‘heavyweight’ pieces). Looks like it’s still available:Solos for Classical Guitar - World's Favorite Series #43 | Hal Leonard Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkRhodes View Post
    That was fascinating. Thank you for posting it.
    Glad you like it. His writing is generally very good. Fairly opinionated but he's a top notch player on the scene so it's cool to hear what he thinks about.

    He has a Lee Konitz interview where they play a bunch of Lester Young solos which is great. And a recent one with a sax player from Detroit (I think) which is really cool as far as talking about the history of tenor sax.

    But generally he's just great. The posts he does for his students probably have the most bang for the buck.